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Through the 8mph barrier

The new shoes are working…

8 miles yesterday and cracked the elusive 8mph barrier (or more accurately 3.57632 m/s).  And beat it by a whole 1 minute 25 seconds.  8 miles in 58 minutes 35 seconds – and what a nice run.  16 seconds per mile faster than back in December last year.  And my first run in the new Adizero shoes…

As well as being able to spot me running a mile away now and glowing in the dark, they do feel much lighter and pretty comfortable.

A 5km run today and 27 seconds faster than my most recent best time – just over 21 minutes.  The 20 minute goal is within site once again!

Obviously it’s back to speed work this week.  10 miles or interval training tomorrow – to be decided still – and then 1/2 marathon at the weekend.

Happy running!