I’m passionate about technology (not just Apple) and what it can do to transform the world and people’s lives, and love thinking what cool technology the little guys today will have when they’re our age! Awesome stuff. Passionate also about great 5 star service and love being in a professional place where the 2 meet – in the world of customer success.

On the professional side, I’m working in the world of customer success helping customers get the value they need and want from services and technology and advising what to do next and where to go. And putting in place high performing teams to deliver excellence in what they do, delivering technology services and innovations for customers.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Customer success
  • Technology leadership
  • Programme management
  • Service delivery
  • Organisational transformation
  • Commercial operations

I can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter discussing all things customer related, and I always like to link up with like minded people and see how we can help each other. Do get in touch if I can help at all with any projects or just for guidance and advice, on how to make the best of your technology or how to improve your customer services and experiences, using technology. Large and small businesses alike, getting the customer experience right is what counts.

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