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A 10k PB the day after the race

Having run a very frustrating 10k last Sunday in the British 10k, and spent pretty much all of the race not running as well as I knew I could and weaving in and out of lots of walkers, I decided to go for broke and do another 10k – on my local route – and go for it, the very next day.

No this wouldn’t normally be do-able after running a good race and pushing yourself but no normal post race DOMS or anything even close this time.  After all my other races – 1/2 and full marathons – I’ve not been able to walk or do stairs for a good few days, never mind run!  10k is shorter sure but you should still feel something, if not at least very very tired and in need of a rest.

My local route is out 5km and back 5km with only a couple of roads to cross so no big issues being forced to drop pace.  And avoiding the gate into Bushy Park – which saves a good 10 seconds in and out.

I set off with a great pace – sub-7 minutes per mile and managed to maintain it until the dreaded turn around.  It then dropped back to around 7:08 and hovered there until the last mile or so.  Then I picked up a bit more and finished with a pace of 7 minutes per mile and time of 43 minutes and 30 seconds.  A whole minute better than my recent PB on the same route and 3 minutes better than the British 10k the day before.  Nice!

It just shows how bad the race had been for me.  This one felt good and sub-40 minutes by the end of the year is a possibility – with the right speed work!

Some 5k Parkruns to be done next and at a new one at our local Crane Park – less than one mile away from us, so nice and easy to get to on a Saturday morning.

Through the 8mph barrier

The new shoes are working…

8 miles yesterday and cracked the elusive 8mph barrier (or more accurately 3.57632 m/s).  And beat it by a whole 1 minute 25 seconds.  8 miles in 58 minutes 35 seconds – and what a nice run.  16 seconds per mile faster than back in December last year.  And my first run in the new Adizero shoes…

As well as being able to spot me running a mile away now and glowing in the dark, they do feel much lighter and pretty comfortable.

A 5km run today and 27 seconds faster than my most recent best time – just over 21 minutes.  The 20 minute goal is within site once again!

Obviously it’s back to speed work this week.  10 miles or interval training tomorrow – to be decided still – and then 1/2 marathon at the weekend.

Happy running!