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New Customers Only

“New customers only”…

New Customers Only

… this is a phrase I really don’t like to hear but sadly it’s still widely used in many B2C industries and businesses – including the traditional home TV, phone and internet service providers.

Even as a loyal customer of many years, brand new customers can get significantly bigger discounts with these providers and this doesn’t seem right.

The logic being used feels outdated in 2022 and I’d love to see more companies focusing on delivering value at the right price and keeping customers. I think many of these companies are relying on customers finding it too difficult to leave and move elsewhere but even if that’s true today it won’t be for much longer.

It’s great to see some more niche players coming into the market offering very competitive services – e.g. home internet connections – and at consistent prices (for all customers).

Is it just me or is the idea of doing something in terms of a deal only for new customers, on its way out?