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Running with sore legs

After a good week – with some nice shorter fast runs – I strained my left hamstring on Friday night during karate training (just during some fast runs in the warm-up before any kicking or anything).  Not ideal and ironic that it was running that did it.

Nothing major but it hurt enough to make me reconsider the longer run plans yesterday.  It was meant to be a faster 1/2 marathon.  I did some foam rolling before the run and set off ok but about 20 seconds slower per mile than planned.  It was ok running with the strain and after a while not painful to notice.  Pace slowed down a bit further but then after 3 miles picked up and kept picking up, right until 3 miles to go when it slowed a lot.

Had a very nice sports massage from a good friend today (after karate training) that really helped – and the left hamstring is much much better.

Need to do more stretching and foam rolling (and general strengthening work).  It’s obvious really but for whatever reason I’ve always found it difficult to get it into a habit and do it very regularly.  Rubbish – that needs to change today.  It’s so important to help keep injury free particularly as the longer runs kick in.

All sorts of advice about running with sore legs – or injuries.  Rest is needed when it’s bad and you shouldn’t run if it hurts a lot.  But as always it’s also down to knowing what you can do and how your body works and feels.  For me I had to slow the run down – rather than not run.  And just take it easier.

Longer runs again this week and the first 20+ mile one next weekend.

Pace running

What a fine start to the week.  Swimming with little Mr. Noble in the morning and then a 50 minute run home at marathon pace – 8 minutes per mile.  And a massage planned for this afternoon.

Managed to do 7 minute 50 second average pace for the run and it felt good.  More runs needed at that pace for longer distance.  Want to get used to running at that speed, so I know what it feels like and it becomes almost second nature.

More reading last night and a new book on order from Amazon – Run Less Run Faster.  After reading an article in Runners World this month, where a guy around my age, subscribed to this new training plan and got his marathon time below what he’d done some 20 years or so ago.  Sure his times was around 2 hours 20 minutes (that’s a sprint for me) but the theory is the same.  4 or 5 runs a week and 2 sessions of hard cross training.  The runs being one long one (but never more than 16 miles), one a speed work, one at marathon pace and then one medium distance one.

The theory is to get used to running the last 16 miles – so you know what it feels like.  The first 10, you know you can do.  The last 16 will be hard (very hard if my memory serves me right from 2009), so need to train to be able to do those well.  And run slow to start with and then slow down some more.  This last bit is the biggest challenge, and even more so when there are 35,000 or so other people running and everyone’s raring to go at the start.  In the last half marathon I did in September, I started way way too fast and ran into problems at around 8 miles – crazy!

And if you’ve never the London Marathon this is what it looks like at the start …

And this is the official video of start for the 2011 London Marathon – courtesy of the BBC News website.