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What do 37,542 people running in London look like?

That’s the official number of confirmed runners from Virgin and it’s the most since 2010…

So not the most ever but still a huge huge number.

To see what this many people running looking like, either come along and have a great day out as a supporter – it’s London at its best (there’s nothing like it), watch out for it all on the TV (BBC1 I think) or check the photos in the papers on Monday.  But it looks something like this…

To be in that crowd is nothing short of awesome.  A solid 2 mile long stream of people all running and all buzzing.  Happy days.

That’s it before the big day.  Pasta done.  Kit ready.  Number and tag fixed.  Train times sorted.  Kids in bed.  Bed early for us soon and then up early tomorrow for an early start.

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow.  It’s a great event, great fun to be part of it, yes it’s hard and it hurts but it’s well worth it when you cross the finish line and get the medal.  Enjoy the experience!