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How do you make money with streaming media?

A great post here, on a very similar theme to the post I did last week about digital content consumption and the need for changing business models and how content creators (such as artists) get paid.  Care of tuneCORE.

Can Artists Get Rich In A Streaming Music Industry? | TuneCorner Music Blog.

Asks some great questions…  In the digital world, will artists make the same money they did in the physical world?  Who’ll make the money?  What business models will work?  How will you access and consume digital content (music in the case of the post but similar questions for all types of digital content)?  Yes the article is by tuneCORE who provide services for artists moving to the online and digital world – so a bit of a sales pitch for them.  I have no links to them whatsoever – other than being interested in the same space.  But very very relevant and topical questions, in the digital world.

And streaming of content is very much in-line with what I’ve been saying about the changing needs for “owning” content.  I don’t want physical media taking up space in the house any more or even digital media taking up storage space.  I want to be able to access my content whenever I want, wherever I am and however I want.

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” – the very aptly named single from The Who from 1945…

What are you doing about moving your business online and consumers’ changing habits for getting and consuming content?  Anything?  Nothing?