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Tapering isn’t easy

Never thought I’d say this but the tapering part of the training – even week 1 of it – isn’t easy.  Having been increasing weekly distances for the last few months now and getting new PB’s for different distances, pulling back and not pushing yourself is hard.

The 10 miler I did on Thursday – with 4 x 1 mile intervals – was a whole 4 minutes slower than the last time.  Very frustrating but it was meant to be that slow – and I had to keep telling myself that.

A reminder of why tapering is so important…

Even harder this coming week – only 24 miles planned.  And less than 2 weeks until the big day tomorrow – London Marathon 2012 on April 22nd.

Time for the taper

Last long long run done last week – 21 miles – and a grand total last week of 46 miles.  With only 18 days left until the big day, it’s all about reducing the number of miles now and letting the body recover slightly.

Aiming to cut back by about 1/3 on miles this week, and then the same over the next 2 weeks.  So far this week have done 1 x 12 miles and 1 x 10 miles, both at marathon pace and 10 miles planned today – with 4 x 1 mile intervals – so 32 in total.  Next week some speed work (and about 20 miles total) and then the final week a few easy light runs (about 10 miles total).

Nice article here from the BBC on tapering – from 2005 but all valid.

Not long now!