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Is this the future of photography?

A fascinating post by John Neel at Pixiq about Google Glasses and the future of photography…

How far off mainstream these are I’m not sure.  I’ve seen the ads and videos, read the posts, dreamt the dreams and yes can see how cool they look and the potential applications.  But when?

To quote John Neel from the Pixiq post…

This really is major step.  Additional relevant data and information about things you’re looking at, when you’re looking at them.  The possibilities are endless and what was your mobile phone providing you with computing power, is now strap to the side of your head in your glasses.  The next step – in your contact lenses or implants?  Think Cyborg as John says.

And big data as we know it today is only going to get a whole lot bigger very quickly.


10 technology trends set to change the world

A great post – care of Manufacturing Executive – that I found from Twitter of a presentation from Dave Evans at Cisco back in July last year.  10 technology innovations and trends that are happening now that will impact all our lives over the next 10 years…

Here’s the overview list…

  1. The Internet of Things – more ‘things’ being connected to the Internet than people
  2. Big data – allowing us to predict more things and change the way we plan
  3. The cloud – making all knowledge of the world available to everyone
  4. The next generation Internet – network speeds are increasing exponentially
  5. Hyper connectivity – realtime broadcasts with unprecedented transparency
  6. The power of energy – intelligent use of energy
  7. Augmented reality – and the ultimate man-machine integration
  8. 3D printing – everyone becomes a manufacturer
  9. Artificial intelligence – completely intelligent and self-aware computers
  10. Human evolution – slowing the ageing process

And links to the original presentation and video from Dave.

As an aside Dave’s job title has to be one of the coolest ones out there – Chief Futurist & Chief Technologist.  It clearly demonstrates the importance and criticality of innovation in technology.  Do you have one of these chiefs?